Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Olympic Medals and Olympic Closing Ceremony Tickets

In December 2010, it was announced that the Royal Mint would produce the medals for the Olympic and Paralympics Games. The Royal Mint expected to produce around 4,700 medals for the games. The medals are 7mm thick and weigh between 375-400g.
They are designed by David Watkins. Each medal will have the sport and the discipline engraved on the rim. Like the last few Olympic medal designs the front will once again have Greek goddess of victory, Nike, stepping from Parthenon. The reverse side has the Games logo, and a ribbon depicting the River Thames with a grid symbolizing pulling together and radiating energy. 
The medals will have a purple ribbon attached to them which symbolizes Royalty and protocol. The Princess Royal unveiled the design of the Olympic medals. In a poll by the Telegraph just 66% of the people who voted liked the design. Designer David Watkins said "I knew it was a take it and love it design and If not sorry. There was no plan B.
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