Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Olympic basketball at in glance

Basketball was invented in 1980 by DR James Naismith , a Canadian physical education teacher who Wanted to create a game that would be played in leisure times . The first game that was took place in December 1891 used peach basket for goal . In the 120years since these humble beginnings basketball Has popular and most exciting games for the world.
Basketball was originally played within association football. The first ball was made for basketball was Brown, and it was only in late 1950s that Tony Hinkle, after that orange ball was introduce and alike by The spectators. In Berlin 1936, the first Olympic tournament Basketball was held outdoor courts made Of sand that turned to mud in rain . There was an exhibition tournament of basketball at St Louis 1904 Games but only few American club competed.
Basketball is played by two teams of five players on an indoor court that is 28 meters long and 15m wides. Points are scored by shooting the ball into opponents (or, Basket) which has a diameter of 450-459mm and sits on backboard 3.05m above the floor. Two points are awarded for a regular shoot From open play with one point for each successful free throw and three points for a shoot from Distance. The tallest player of modern Basketball is You Ming of china who stand at massive 7’6(2.29m).
At London 2012 , the basketball competition will take place in two venues. London Olympic Basketball Will be start Saturday28 July-Sunday 12 August .Two medals events will be happen . North Greenwich Arena men’s quarterfinal and women’s Sami-finals onwards . 300 Basketball will be use during London Olympic 2012. In this nice event 288 (144m ,144women , 12 teams in each event) are participating . The Fans of Basketball events can buy tickets from Global Ticket Market .
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