Monday, 23 April 2012

water polo overview

WATER polo developed during 19th century as an aquatic version of rugby played at rivers and lakes . The vision of the game that survive today is closer to Handball. Its featured on every Olympic since 1900 Paris games .Men water polo was the first team sports introduce at the modern Olympic games. The history Of water polo was a team sports began as an demonstration of Swimming skill. Water polo is now become a Very popular game around many countries like Europe, Canada and Australia.
Great Britain won four of the first five tournaments of Water Polo .Water Polo developed separately on Either side of Atlanta, with different style played in Europe and America . The basic rules of this games differ From other games . The playing team consist of six players at each side and one goalkeeper .The winner of the Game is the team who score more goals in the end . Matches are divided into four periods of eight minutes and Each team has 30 second to attempt goal before the ball is returned to opposition .Players are not allowed to touch the sides or the bottom of pool during playing . Players wear caps with soft coated earflaps protectors similar to scrums cap in rugby.
At London 2012 the Water Polo competition will take place at brand new Water Polo Arena , constructed especially for the games immediately at Aquatic center in the Olympic park . In this London Olympic 700 balls will be use for water polo competition. Water polo should offer plenty of entertainment in pool at London .
Olympic water polo will be start from Sunday 29 July- Sunday 12 August 2012. There will be two medal Events and 260 athletes (156 men.104 women) .The spectators those have keen interest in this event they can Buy tickets from Global ticket market link .
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